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Dave Osh is founder of Execuvite, Freelancing Business Institute, Freelancing Magazine, Freelancing Convention and Varlinx. He is the former CFO, COO and CEO of a multinational corporations and the author of Outgrow Middle Management Accelerate Your Climb to the Top.

Dave empowers entrepreneurs, executives and self-employed professionals to tap into the new economic opportunities that are changing the way we work and live.

Having been at the forefront of several multinational companies, Dave has developed successful businesses in more than 25 countries, implemented market entry strategies in five continents and launched more than 20 brands.

Dave’s experiences have driven the development of a new vision that facilitates entrepreneurship, spurs innovation, enhances collaboration, increases growth and speeds-up the adjustment of corporations and individuals to the rapidly changing business environment.

Dave’s mission is to help you find your way in this fast changing new world, clearly envision this exciting future, quickly advance yourself, your team and your business towards a new level of success, master the knowledge and skills required to excel in this new reality, prepare for the challenges that this revolution unfolds and be part of the newest, largest and fastest paradigm shift of this decade.

Dave believes that the new world offers you a wealth of opportunities to realize your full potential, accomplish your highest ambitions, turn your career around, achieve a business breakthrough and live a meaningful, fulfilling, abundant, healthy and love-filled life.



Dave is the Founder and CEO of Execuvite, which is a virtual marketplace for enterprises with complex projects that facilitates engagement of virtual cross-functional freelance teams. Execuvite helps organizations source, hire, manage, collaborate and pay integrated teams comprising freelancers with complementary skills who deliver turnkey projects or complete products.

Dave is the founder of the Freelancing Business Institute, which is an online business school that provides comprehensive training toward Professional Freelancer Certification (PFC) and Freelancing Business Certification (FBC). Its mission is to enhance freelancers’ professionalism so that they meet the requirements of a more demanding corporate market.


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Dave is the Founder of the Freelancing Magazine, which is the destination for news, opinions and original content that shapes the world of talent on demand. It is a digital online multimedia platform which is a combination of TV show, radio show, digital magazine and a blog.

Dave is the founder of the Freelancing Convention, which is the prime annual event of the freelancing industry where hiring businesses, self-employed professionals, service providers and industry thought leaders meet to share their knowledge, experiences and



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Dave is the author of Outgrow Middle Management - Accelerate Your Climb to the Top (Morgan James Publishing, 2014) that teaches how to expedite your rise to the top management, multiply your income and get the most out of life. Outgrow Middle Management is a 6-step process to develop leadership competencies, and how to apply them strategically and effectively to build an enduring, fulfilling, meaningful and rewarding career and life. Order the paperback or Kindle edition from Amazon or the hard cover or NOOK book from Barnes and Noble.